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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Coming out to family

Other than my mother with whom I share all significant information in my life I had not until today decided to share my ASD nature with anyone on my side of the family (have shared with the wife's side as they live close and we see them a lot. it would have been hard not to).

Today i decided i needed to share this with my younger brother.  He is the one i have always felt closest to even though age-wise there is a larger gap between us than between any of my other siblings. My sister lives overseas and as far as personal discussions go might as well be on another planet, and my elder brother and I... its not that we don't get on, per se, i just don't really want to spend any time with him, though i do love his wife and their kids.

Anyway, I chatted to brother #2 on fb today and told him about my referral (and i even remembered to ask about his fiancee beforehand!), and the fisrt thing he did was ask me how i feel about it and whether it helped me explain things.  I am always amazed by his reaction to things. In my head he's still about 11 even though he turns 30 next year. He was the one who rescued me when i had my first collapsed into depression and the one who i moved in with when i was strong enough to get back outin the world. I suppose i hadnt really thought until now on how much i rely on him.  Well i told him about how it explained so much and the feeling of relief, and all he did was remind me that it doesn't change the fact that i am me, and if anything it will help me straighten out my life and relationships.  I already know all of this but its good to have a brother who thinks the same.

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