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Monday, 12 November 2012

The Missing head

Its driving me nuts!

I'm a section manager
within a department of a college. The admin section.  I have one of the other
section managers shouting at me that a learner hasn't received a full kit
and is missing a mannequin head.

Yes. A mannequin head

This is something that we give to our students for doing their hairdressing course.

So, cue me checking through the records to see if we have given it to the learner, and he signed for his kit in September. No mention of missing head

2 months later, MY line manager is telling me not to give him one if he's already had it ("you've got to protect my budget"), and the other manager saying he can prove that it never arrived (which he can't) and me stuck in the middle unable to do anything rational to resolve it.

Office politics sucks.

Combined with that is the fact that I am "not flavour of the month" with our system department as my emails "are tantamount to harassment".


Those are pretty strong words.  All I do is email whenever I see an issue that needs resolving, or reply to requests for resolution from the other end.  Occasionally we disagree and I am as polite as I can be when i draft a response.

Now, however, I am such a loose cannon that my boss needs me to run every email I send to them past her to ensure I'm not offending people.  Its getting ridiculous, and on days like this I really wish I could just go back to bed.

I don't understand people!

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