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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

partial achievement

one of the positive things that has already come out of this is that i now understand that my lack of social life is due to my general anxiety over meeting new people rather than a lack of desire to have friends.  if i look at my life at the moment, all of my friends are either family, made through my wife or friends i have had for years from school & college. i can onhly think of 1 real friend i have made since i moved down here and i very rarely see him.

so, yesterday i looked for a group interested in rpg/ wargaming in my local area (which frankly seemed unlikely) and managed to find one which was open to all comers. even so i had to email them and check it was OK to come along just because i wouldn't be able to cope with simply turning up without warning. it would have totally freaked me out.

anyway, I've made contact with the group and will be going to meet them and see what they are about tomorrow, and I'm even going to have some food with them.

this is only a partial achievement as i still have to brave the actual activity yet.  I'll see if i can convert this into a fully achievement by tomorrow

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