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Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Coming out to friends

I tried yesterday to put a post on facebook about my condition, undiagnosed as it is, but i couldn't find the right words, and i found myself worrying that the reaction of people would be negative, disparaging or aggressive. 

i know that the theory is that people with ASD don't really care about anyone but themselves but this is in my experience a skewed view. I care about what other people think and say as far as it affects my view of myself, so in most cases that means not at all, but at this moment in time its quite a substantial amount.

so, i didn't do it, and i don't know if i will be able to do it in the near future, but the wife did suggest that i start joining aspie groups on FB, and take a subtle approach to telling people. As she said, most people won't care.  But its not really about them caring. i really just want people to understand that I'm programmed to be a bit weird.

Lets face it. i just want acceptance and in some ways a strange sort of absolution for things i did in the past where i know i upset or annoyed people by my actions which were inappropriate but where i couldn't see or understand that.

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