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Monday, 20 August 2012

Telling the company

My relief at having a framework with which to engage with myself is matched only by my growing dread at what to tell people/ how to deal with it. I know its my issue to deal with and that I shouldn't expect anyone to change for me, but I do want people to know that my sometimes odd, unfriendly or distant way of communicating is not odd, unfriendly or distant by design

Well that's not always true. Distance holds my anxiety at bay and there are some people I simply don't like and don't want to be friendly with. But its mainly true.

Today's task of the day was letting my HR department know (previously i only told my line manager and her deputy), which i have done in in response i have received nothing: no word, no acknowledgement of the email. nothing.  i am really starting to worry that people think i am crazy or hypochondriacal (not sure that's a word. well, it is now and I'm claiming it). I mean, I'm not exactly rain man. I'm not even Sheldon Cooper (who is not Aspie, the creators of the Big Bang Theory are eager to let us know). this is the problem with the public perception of AS being characters from TV and movies who are always over the top, as the normal life of anyone is not interesting enough to put on TV. even "reality TV" has to have some sort of gimmick. lets face it, no-one would pay to watch people go about their normal business.

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