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Friday, 24 August 2012

My life in bullet points

I recently found this article on How to describe an Aspie to a lay person whic was very helpful to me as it had descriptions of social situations from the Aspie perspective, and a lot of it was very familiar.

What i found particularly useful was the layout of the 3 categories AS is determined by as it is the first time i have seen it in a fashion which I can easily relate to myself.

Social Interaction

He or she may:
  • appear to be indifferent to others or socially isolated.
  • be unable to read social cues.
  • behave in what may seem an inappropriate or odd manner.
  • appear to lack empathy,
  • avoid eye contact when under pressure.
Social Communication
He or she may:
  • have difficulty in understanding tone of voice, intonation, or facial expression.
  • make a literal interpretation of figurative or metaphorical speech.
  • find it difficult to hold a two-way conversation.
  • become agitated in response or come across as argumentative or even over-compliant.
  • use formal, stilted or pedantic language.
  • have poor concentration and thus poor listening skills.
  • be honest to the extent of bluntness or rudeness.
Social Imagination
He or she may:
  • have difficulty in foreseeing the consequences of their actions.
  • become extremely anxious because of unexpected events or changes in routine.
  • like set rules, and overreact to other people’s infringement of them.
  • often have particular special interests, which may become obsessions.
  • find it difficult to imagine or empathise with another person’s point of view.
right from point 1, that's me. i find it so hard to lead in a social situation and really need people to come and start the conversation with me. its not that i don't want to participate, i just don't know how or where to start, and even when i do its normally in a really inappropriate or unusual way.

I'll have to go and let aspienaut know I have linked it, and do more self-examination against it later.

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